The Next Chapter of Dental Sleep Solutions is Here!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you and our Dental Sleep Solutions community exciting new updates. We’ve made significant strategic and technology investments to deliver further enhanced Member Success and 4 Pillar Billing services, all with the goal of continuing to help our members thrive.

Plus, so much more! Check out the details of our exciting new updates:

Updated DS3 Software User Interface (UI)

Our software team has been working for over 24 months to complete one of the most comprehensive software updates in our history. We’ve completely refreshed the look and feel of DS3, including:

  • Mobile responsiveness across devices (desktop, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • Fully branded, modern look and feel
  • More intuitive and user-friendly layout
  • Dark mode option (for working at night!)
  • Major back-end code overhaul to more efficiently push future software updates and introduce new features

Try it out and let us know what you think! 

New Website

Our new website not only reflects our new brand and look, but includes an easy-to-navigate calendar of events and CE courses, helpful blog posts, resources for dentists starting out with their dental sleep journey, information about our services, and so much more! 

We believe it should be as easy as possible for our members and other dentists to find the education and support they need to be successful in dental sleep, and we’re proud that our new website does just that.

Brand Refresh

Simple, colorful, and bold, our new logo draws on the imagery of a moon and cloud to evoke the satisfying calm of restful sleep- the sleep that patients treated for sleep apnea can now experience!  Plus, if you’ve been with us for a while you’ll see that these elements are reminiscent of our previous logo.

We pride ourselves on providing our members with top-tier service and support, and our bright colors project the friendliness, innovation, and experience of the Dental Sleep Solutions team. 

The distinctive “D” shape speaks for itself and ties the logo back to the root of our mission: making dental sleep medicine easy for dentists.  

We’re so grateful to have you along on this next chapter with our Dental Sleep Solutions family! 

Celebrate with us! We’re excited to share an exclusive offer of FREE Commercial Insurance or Medicare Credentialing (savings of up to $995) to the first 15 people who join DS3 & 4 Pillar Billing by 11/30.

Dental Sleep Solutions Announces Updated Software User Interface, Rebrand, New Website

Reflects Company’s Dedication to Making it Easier for Dentists to Treat Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Bradenton, FL. Dental Sleep Solutions, the parent company of dental sleep medicine EMR software DS3 and medical billing service 4 Pillar Billing, announced today that it has completed major updates to its software and brand.  These developments reflect the company’s ongoing dedication to making dental sleep medicine and medical billing simpler for dentists.

Their new DS3 software interface includes all of the powerful features that DS3 members currently enjoy while introducing a monumental leap forward in user-friendliness, intuitiveness, responsive design across devices, brand integration, and overall look and feel. In addition to the visible interface upgrades, the company has also completed a three-year initiative to rewrite the software’s back-end to allow for higher velocity product updates and new feature releases.

Dental Sleep Solutions’ refreshed brand and website further demonstrate the company’s vision to educate and enlist more dentists to address the pervasive Obstructive Sleep Apnea crisis, in which one out of every five adults in the United States suffer from the condition but 80% remain undiagnosed. The all-new helps reach and educate more dentists with an easy-to-navigate calendar of events and Continuing Education courses, helpful blog posts, resources for dentists at any point in their dental sleep journey, and much more.

“These foundational upgrades enable us to both enhance service to our existing members and make it easier for more dentists to start treating their patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.” says Mark Noble, President of Dental Sleep Solutions. “This is the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in Dental Sleep Solutions’ history.”

Visit to explore the new website, brand, and to learn more about the company.

About Dental Sleep Solutions

Dental Sleep Solutions was founded in 2008 by Dr. Gy Yatros and Dr. Richard Drake to help their peers treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and save lives through software, education, training, and billing for dentists in all stages of practicing dental sleep. Dental Sleep Solutions was founded on and continues to operate today with a singular, focused mission: make it easier for dentists to help their patients breathe, sleep, and live better and longer lives. With powerful solutions to simplify the process of delivering dental devices and getting paid paired with exceptional support and service, dental sleep success starts with Dental Sleep Solutions.

Media Contact:

Alicia Miller

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

Overcome Dental Sleep Medicine Obstacles

Setting goals is a part of life. Obstacles on the path are a part of life, too.  Let’s just face it. It’s how we choose to view and deal with these obstacles that will determine how and if we overcome them.  When a dental practice makes a commitment to add Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) to its list of services it’s important to understand that will obstacles might surface, and there are ways to move past them.  There is no obstacle large enough that it should prevent any dental practice from offering this life saving treatment. Control what you can control and minimize barriers. There will likely be enough of them with insurance or difficult patients.

Here are a few tips to help prepare a team in advance of encountering DSM-related obstacles.

  1. Education: Do this together as a team. It is essential to provide everyone with a foundation on which they can grow together. Understanding the clinical aspects of DSM is just as important as understanding all the processes involved with a successful DSM practice.  Before the team starts talking about Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) with patients, an education plan needs to be established.. This education can be done remotely or live in person. Or both. It just needs to be done TOGETHER.
  2. Coaching: Ongoing coaching and support for the dental sleep team is vital to success. If the dentist is solely responsible for DSM in the practice, it will create a road block. DSM is largely team-driven. It takes a village. Be sure to team up with an organization that provides continual, ongoing coaching to help with everything from clinical aspects of DSM to case presentation and medical billing.
  3. Software: DSM has a lot of moving parts. Using a software developed especially for DSM in a dental practice will allow streamlining of all the processes and allow the team to stay organized so nothing falls through the cracks.  From screening tools to electronic medical billing, make sure the software is cloud-based, simple and easy for the team to use.
  4. Support: This includes utilizing a 3rd party medical biller to manage the medical billing process. Let the experts handle the medical billing. The nominal fees most charge are worth your team’s sanity and time.  Who better to help overcome DSM medical billing obstacles than an experienced medical biller who specializes in billing for DSM for dental practices?

To get started on the right path, contact me at 877.95.SNORE x2.  Our industry experts are available to provide all the education, coaching, software, and support to dental practices committed to making DSM a priority.