Software Patient Screener



One in five of your adult patients has Obstructive Sleep Apnea and at least 50% of them snore. Dentists are in the best position of any health care provider to help these patients get tested and treated. It is difficult to swallow the fact that UNDIAGNOSED sleep disordered breathing patients have been walking through our doors every day for years…..and we have simply ignored them. We have never asked a single question like “Do you snore?” Or “Are you tired at times during the day when you don’t want to be?” Would you like a way to help this problem and grow your sleep practice?

NOW you have a tool that can do just that! DS3 software can help you rapidly identify these patients. Its simple AND hi-tech!

Log in to the patient screener on a tablet of your choice; enter the patient’s name; the patient answers a few questions, and a well studied algorithm assesses the patient’s risk for sleep disordered breathing which is graphically displayed for the patient.

This gets the conversation started………”What was that all about? What does it mean that I am at severe risk for sleep disordered breathing? What is that? What can I do about this?”

DS3 Patient Screener gives you a tool to help you:

IDENTIFY at-risk patients

Get the patient to ACKNOWLEDGE that he has a problem

Get the patient to agree to TEST

Now you can TREAT

Manage each and every patient you screen so that NO ONE falls through the cracks